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Meet Donna Bates

CEO, Strategist & Coach to High-performing businesses

Donna is head Strategist & coach of the Activate for Impact Coaching Program advising business owners from all over the world in 15 industries.  She works with business owners to grow their businesses and enjoy greater levels of profitability.

Activate for Impact Coaching Program

Join other successful business owners who are taking their business and lifestyles to the next level and learn how to increase your revenues by over 100%. Activate for Impact coaching is for business owners who want to build an active system that consistently attracts ideal clients, communicates greater value for the work they do, earns higher fees and allows them to enjoy an amazing lifestyle.

The status quo in organisations exists only as something to be moved away from, particularly if the status quo in your business, is keeping you stuck in a holding pattern and you’re not sure where to go next…

That’s where we help!

Our 4-step Activate Strategy will help you achieve innovation & growth by linking your strategy to execution.


Step 1 : Plan

Analyse Create your Vision, Know your WHY, Identify your

Step 2 : Execute

Strategic Business & Marketing Plans that create continuous growth by future proofing your business, and connect your brand with your target audiences and nurturing authentic customer relationships.

Step 3 : Track

Software and Platform recommendations that deliver cost and workflow efficiencies allowing your business to scale up.


Step 4 : Manage

Results Optimisation Support to deliver ongoing growth to maximise results.

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