Customers are remarkably important in any business.

They are a valuable asset that can help you grow and give you direction. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to a specific software/system that is designed to help keep track of your leads and clients and your interactions with them. CRM software allows you to record all of your clients’ personal details and can help organise them in segments that mirror each part of your own specific sales process.

Regardless of the size of your business, having a CRM software in use is going to be a big help to you. We’re going to go through 4 big ways you can benefit from CRM!

CRM Integrations and Automation

Integration is a brilliant way to save time and allow you to focus on some of the more important parts of your role. By integrating all the many systems that manage things such as accounting, mailing, quotes, etc. that take up your time on a daily basis, you’re able to let the CRM take some of the control and responsibility as it automates the smaller tasks and allow you to focus more on your customers and less about making sure the finer details are updated.

If you look at the example below, you can have a more clear understanding of how we can use CRM and integrations. As you can see by looking at the image below, the forms from the website speak directly to the CRM software, Insightly CRM in this case. From there, the CRM automatically updates the appropriate MailChimp list, the quoting system Quotient, and the accounting system QuickBooks. Insightly also updates each incoming client on which pipeline stage they are in, being a lead, an opportunity, or placing them in the project stage.

You benefit by having integrations and automation set up in your CRM software as it remembers things that might slip your mind, in your busy day to day life. You will receive follow-ups on quotes, you have a clear indication of on-going projects and what stage your clients are in, and your mailing list will always be updated ensuring a clear line of communication with your leads and clients, or customers.

Information Organisation

CRM allows you to store information about a large range of clients and leads and records your interaction with each of them. It allows you to see what stage of the pipeline they are in, allowing you to better understand what you need to provide them, and what they need to do to get the best out of your service. By having everything stored and recorded in one system, you avoid the awkward fumbling between files and papers in the office and allow you to simply bring up your selected client and access everything you need within minutes.

Stronger Relationships

CRM not only allows you to build upon and strengthen the relationships with your clients, but it also helps manage your reputation. In order to maintain success in your business, listening to both your potential and active clients and ensuring their needs are being met quickly is crucial. A good reputation and customer relationship will bring in more business. People like to know that they’re being heard, especially when they’re paying for a service. As we spoke about in the automation and integration portion of this post, by having your CRM set up you’re able to ensure a clear line of communication between you and your client and having all of their data and information in one spot will help you answer their questions as they come and won’t leave you blindsided or fumbling through files to find the necessary information.

Going Paperless with CRM Software

By utilising a CRM system, you are going to be doing the environment a favour by cutting out all of the unnecessary files and forms that are not only bad for the environment but also clutter your office and workspace. CRM software allows you to digitalise all of the important information about your clients and customers, as well as allow you to scan and upload documents to your client files. This means you can ditch the endless stacks of paper in your office and have everything you need easily accessible through one portal.

These are only a few of the benefits that you will find once you jump in to CRM. You will find more and more ways that it can benefit you, your business, your staff and most importantly, your customers. If you’re looking to implement a CRM system in your workplace, we recommend looking at Zoho and Insightly. However, your budget and specific needs might prefer another system. Regardless of what system you choose, CRM is undoubtedly necessary for your business and we hope this blog post helps you in strengthening and growing in the customer relationship journey.

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