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What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management Software

They are a valuable asset that can help you grow and give you direction. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to a specific software/system that is designed to help keep track of your leads and clients and your interactions with them. CRM software allows you to record all of your clients’ personal details and can help organise them in segments that mirror each part of your own specific sales process.

Building Resilience

The 3 key concepts in what building resilience as business people are: Toughness, Bounce-back ability, Capacity to recover quickly. Being tough in business has to do with both action and mental health.  Being tough in business isn’t just about taking the punches or blows that happen from time to time.  Like having to lay staff off, losing a big client, going through an HR issue, losing money on a business deal etc.  

When it’s time for change

Change is one of those things, that doesn’t come naturally to most business owners, or managers. It is the biggest pain point for most growing and evolving businesses, and the number 1 reason why companies and businesses fail to grow to their potential – they...