Using Google Calendar for Home and Business

Using Google Calendar for Home and Business

Going paperless, how organised are you?

For most of us that run a business, our spouse and children rarely know where we will be on any set day. A tactic that I undertook was to implement a digital calendar that would work for both family and staff across all devices. Lose the paper, save the trees (and your sanity 😉

Here are a few perks in order to help you move over to Google calendar

Sync it | Whether you have an android or Apple Smart phone, Google Calendar works across all devices. Different apps also exist if you prefer a different layout!

Integrations | Should you use other software across your business such as a CRM, Google has integrations in place for most software providers.

Multiple calendars | One of the most important principles of calendaring is using multiple calendars, which allows personal, business and departmental appointments to be kept separate or shared as need be.

These can be created from the ‘my calendars’ drop down. Alternatively, calendars can be shared with specific people. Numerous third-party calendars can also be imported and viewed or switched off as needed.

Embed your calendar | Depending on your line of work, you may wish to show people your availability and embed your calendar (or one of them) on your website. There is a pretty easy way of setting this up if you have WordPress access to your website. Here’s how to do it.

Go to the gear icon and visit settings. Next, choose the calendar you want to embed from the list on the left. Finally, copy the text in the embed section. 

Receive a daily agenda | A useful but very hidden feature is to receive a daily email digest of all Calendar events, a handy way to stop them sneaking up on you and missing appointments.

Accessed by clicking the gear icon > settings> select the calendar you want> go to general notifications and choose ‘daily agenda’ box, then select ‘email’.

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Declutter your Subscriptions – Unsubscribing with Impact

Declutter your Subscriptions – Unsubscribing with Impact

Do you wake up each morning to an inbox half full of spam?

Most of the time we subscribe to marketing material without even realising or we are simply added without our consent. Do you have a steady stream of marketing emails each day? If so you are going to want to read what’s coming next… Unsubscribing, the new time saver!

Set up your email to handle sifting

Dependent on what email software you use, there is a way to separate emails with the simple click of a button. Google has coloured stars, Apple Mail has coloured flags. No matter what email software you use, put a colour code system in place to organise your mail.

Why sift?

The simple answer, it will save you time! Rather than unsubscribing one by one (a major business disruption) you simply highlight the email by flagging or starring it, in the allocated colour associated with ‘Unsubscribe’. Then once a month during a time where you have a small amount of time, dedicate yourself to unsubscribing from the entire list you have built up over the month. As months go by (and as long as you aren’t a serial subscriber) you will see that list when you wake get smaller and smaller. In the long run this will save you time on a daily basis from going through such a long list of emails.

What if there is no unsubscribe button?

Look upon these emails as pure spam, don’t respond or associate with them, simply mark as spam or delete. In time they will stop if they see they have received no response. Unfortunately due to most businesses using online practices, most businesses will be targeted by direct sale emails.

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Weekly Budgeting – Stay in Budget with Fuel & Food

Weekly Budgeting – Stay in Budget with Fuel & Food

Stay in Budget with Food & Fuel

We can all judge our bills when it comes to electricity, gas and mobiles as we can estimate usage based on previous usage. But when it comes to food, depending on how hungry we can get, we can all blow the budget without realising. When budgeting for your business and personal life it is imperative you take control of all elements of your spending. If you find there are areas that are not controlled, start thinking about what you can implement to reign in your spending. The two main areas we find business owners don’t track closely enough is fuel and food.

Here are some tips to stay within budget

Get a fuel card

Whether you are a sole trader or a business with multiple cars on the road, get a fuel card. We personally use Caltex simply because it is located the closest to our home and work. By having a fuel card we decrease fuel cost, gain points in Coles due to the account being linked and it tracks our spend. End of each month we get a statement showing what we purchased with payment later being debited direct form our account, this also give us the data showing us how often we refill.

Do online shopping

Ever shopped whilst you were hungry? Most of us leave work and head straight to the shops to buy the food for the evening meal, end of day feeling starving. What does this mean, we buy based on our wants and not our need’s. Sitting down to schedule a weekly delivery based on organizing your meals for the week ahead means you overall will spend less and eat healthier. There’s a reason they strategically place the fresh bread at the entrance, the smell is supposed to make us hungry prior to shopping.

Click & Collect

Can’t take a delivery at home, or maybe it’s for a delivery for a work function? Coles click and collect allows you to shop online and collect your groceries when it suits you. This allows you to stay within budget whilst still being able to collect, a win win!

Receive a daily agenda

A useful but very hidden feature is to receive a daily email digest of all Calendar events, a handy way to stop them sneaking up on you and missing appointments. Accessed by clicking the gear icon > settings> select the calendar you want> go to general notifications and choose ‘daily agenda’ box, then select ‘email’.

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Business owner’s self-care guide

Business owner’s self-care guide

Here’s a question to ask yourself; When did you last give yourself a self-care service?

Much like owning a car, we prioritise many things over our own health. Today we are going to look at a self-care strategy in order to be successful in business.

Keeping up with the everyday pressures of running a business can leave business owners exhausted, both mentally and physically. It’s time to get out of the fast lane and rethink your approach to self-care and your personal success.

We all travel around with these micro computers in our pocket, known as the smart phone. ‘Normal’ over the past decade has well and truly been redefined due to these technological disrupters. We now communicate 24/7, including those running a business, allowing ourselves no time to switch off. Technology has created a marketplace for an array of business disruptions, putting more and more pressure on the business owner to have hold of the wheel! No matter where you turn as a business owner, you are under immense pressure to perform. We simply are not coping. 1 in 5 Australians each year suffer from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, counting for the second highest group of Insurance claims in Australia. Is it time for you to build in a self-care strategy?

Are you a high achiever?

High achievers in business are passionate, driven individuals who want to succeed. They set their mind to something and making it happen. This is a great quality to have if you are looking to make a success out of running a business, or setting your career destination for fast progression.

However, this drive and determination, along with running a business, having a partner, children and overall life responsibilities, is where the cracks in the road appear. High achievers believe they can do everything, and all at once. What would have worked well, as someone setting out in the 20s, is a totally different challenge at 40, with children. The day comes when you simply don’t have the energy to work into the night, you start to hit a wall, its usually emotionally and then physically draining, all by 8pm.

High achievers don’t generally believe in limits

Humans are not machines

No matter how much drive or talent you have, it’s good to remind yourself that you are not a machine. However, thinking about it, serviced machines are looked after better than ourselves. We agree we need rest, holidays, time out but when life and work takes over these take the back seat. We sacrifice all those things that come under self-care.

The challenge is we do not take time to analyse what we are doing to our bodies, emotions and close relationships generally until it is too late.


Here is a guide to a few self-care strategies:

Respect yourself | You need to take time to fully respect yourself in order to effectivity care for yourself. As you get older your needs change, you need to respect yourself enough to learn what you now need, to relax and have energy, to achieve business success, along with the life you want to lead.

Deliberate planning | You plan your business strategically but do you take time to plan your life? Work in order to live, don’t live to work. Technology doesn’t allow for us to take time out, so deliberately plan time out.

Create a default diary | Leave space in your diary each day for ‘you time’, don’t max out your day. Reflection time each day could just mean a matter of a 10minute walk, a manicure or massage, or laying out on the lawn absorbing the sun’s rays. Whatever you need to do to relax, allow yourself time.

Replenish | Find a passion other than work. Maybe it’s a sport, reading, riding a horse, gardening. It will do you the world of good, and only benefit you when you are in the workplace.

Weekly rhythm | Create a time off structure, don’t work every second, of each day. You can use any structure as long as it’s consistent. You could choose a day off a week, one weekend each month, a week off per quarter and a 2 week annual holiday. It’s up to you to find the right rhythm.

Business success is more like cruising the Great Northern Highway than shooting up the Freeway. Create that foundation of self-respect in order for you discover a self-care strategy that works for you.

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